Fressssh AF!

1.990 kr

be fressssh AF with a refreshing sweet, citrusy scent

what am i?

oh, just a grapefruity good deodorant with hyaluronic acid is all. smell sweet AF with a refreshing citrus scent from some great smelling essential oils while we knock out that odor you’ve been giving off with only natural ingredients (not those nasties like aluminium, alcohol and parabens). you’ll feel even fresher with the added goodness of our fave acid (hyaluronic acid, that is) giving you an extra boost in hydration, smoothness and nourishment so your pits will be more than just fresh… they’ll be fressssh AF!

why you’ll love me

  • i’m packed full of skin loving ingredients
  • enriched with essential oils to give your that oh-so-fresh feeling
  • enhanced with hyaluronic acid to soothe underarms and keep your skin feeling great
  • aluminium free, alcohol free, paraben free formula

paraben free                natural fragrance                 cruelty free                   skin loving ingredients                           aluminium free                 alcohol free

paraben free     natural fragrance     cruelty free      skin loving ingredients       aluminium free       alcohol free

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